Should you buy iPhone 7 in 2019 ??

Hello everyone, whatsup? In this article I am going to share my point of view about whether iphone 7 is still the worth purchasing in 2019 or not.

The reason behind writing this article is I own iphone 7, 32 gb version since last 22 months (almost 2 years.) so in this video, I am going to share my own experience.

I have bought iphone 7 (32 gb) from Amazon during festival offer with the price of 38,999 INR in October 2017.

Surprisingly the current price of iphone 7 (32 gb) is also exactly 38,999 INR.

Now let me share my real experience using this device. Before starting it I would like to add that I am heavy smartphone user as I love to do gaming, video editing, photo editing in my phone itself.

Hence I have tested it through almost all conditions and as per expectations it worked perfectly well in every conditions.

iphone 7 display:

As you know iphone 7 comes with 4.7 inch Retina HD display which provide excellent color display, wide viewing angles and multi touch display.

You always felt premium experience using the display of iphone 7. To be honest I have always enjoyed every activity whether it is playing high end games or watching movies.

Today as well it is in extremely decent & mint condition without any scratches and dents. ( ofcourse I use it carefully 🙂 )

iphone 7 camera:

If you are a fan of beatified images, then you might get disappointed here as generally iphone camera generates more realistic images.

If you don’t know let me tell you that iphone 7 comes with 12 MP rear and 7 MP front camera.

Believe me it is one of the best camera you will get at this price range. The way it captures details and give colors accuracy, it surely give best experience in our day to day life.

iphone 7 performance:

Now this is where I think Apple is the best anyday.
iphone 7 comes with A10 64 bit processor and embedded M10 Motion co-processor.

Believe me when it comes to performance this is THE BEST. Even though I have 32 GB storage, I am currently running around 100 applications without single lag.

Yes, you read it right, 100 Applications and still I can do multitasking with such ease.

I can guarantee that any other 32 GB smartphone can NEVER provide such smooth experience for sure.

iphone 7 battery:

After using the device for 24 months, I feel safe to say that even after heavy usage(gaming and video watching) it takes 6-7 hours to get fully discharge.

So if you are a normal or an average user, it can easily provide you 1 day battery.

iphone 7 in 2019, Worth 39k INR?

I would definitely say Yes because of it’s great camera, smooth performance and decent battery backup.

So if you are getting iphone 7 in good deal and you want to experience apple iphone in 2019, this can be the great smartphone to purchase.

That’s if from my end for this article. Hope I have covered almost all the aspects of the device.

Though if you have any query feel free to comment down below and I will get back to you for sure.

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